About Rote Pieces

What are rote pieces? They are easier to learn by listening and watching than by reading.  They can be taught by demonstration and they often sound appealing, expansive and most likely have some repeated patterns.  Students consult the score to see how the sounds are represented in the music and are taught how to read music, as well as how to use their ear. The eyes, ears and kinesthetic senses are all working together.

The Little Gems Primer and Beginner Levels work well by rote, and by Volume 2, students are able to read the notation.  Students can easily learn the Little Gems pieces by a teacher’s demonstration, from traditional reading skills, listening to the audio files and strengthening their ear, and studying them through the online video tutorials.



Interested in learning more?  Give this guest blog post a read.  I wrote it for Leila Viss’s wonderful 88pianokeys site.

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