The Most USEFUL Gift!

Happy New Year! 

The holidays (or holidaze as I like to say) can dig up a variety of emotions – gratitude, wonder, connection, or on the opposite end of the spectrum – overload, chaos, disappointment…  And then there are the gifts. How did you do in the gift department? Did you choose the perfect gift for that special someone? Did someone give you something that exceeded your wildest hopes and dreams?

The Gift of Music

I believe giving the gift of live music is one of the most meaningful offerings imaginable.  

Just yesterday, one of my students turned 85. Eighty-five!!! Can you believe it? This dear student began lessons when he was a spring chicken, at the tender age of 80. He had never learned an instrument and showed up to my studio wanting to learn the piano. Here we are, five years later, and we are having a total BLAST together. He is so much fun and practices hours a day, every single day. Music is a huge part of his life. As a gift, his niece collected a photo montage from friends and family. I made him this silly video late at night after a long day of working and parenting.  

I am so grateful that I can play Happy Birthday off the cuff whenever the occasion calls for it.  Can you? With no music in front of you? On the fly, with a moment’s notice? 

A Special Gift for You and Your Loved Ones

Fear not if you feel panic when someone asks you to play Happy Birthday! I am coordinating an incredible two-day Free Training January 13-14, with stellar teachers Bradley Sowash and Jeremy Siskind. We will work off of a gorgeous freebie handout created by Leila Viss. Even if you’re already a Happy Birthday aficionado, you will not want to miss this event. Yes, it’s going to be that fun!

We are offering this in honor of the birthday of the late, wonderfully inspiring Forrest Kinney. If you don’t already know about Forrest, you might enjoy reading the story of how we met. While reading, be prepared to grab a tissue and to feel inspired to lead a fulfilling and rewarding life.

This two-day training launches Piano Connect – a Virtual Retreat for Creative Piano Players– happening January 28-30. “What is Piano Connect?” you ask? “Oh, it’s a virtual retreat featuring interactive classes led by the world’s most beloved creative piano teachers!”  Hint: Register now to get early bird pricing!

Here’s what a happy participant said last year:

Oh my gosh, I am still processing all that we did and I have already used the new skills that I learned. The whole schedule was just so well planned and flowed so well!! I can’t thank you enough. I felt so inspired and encouraged by each of the presenters.

We don’t have time to waste, so grab a spot in the Jan 13-14 Free Training, register for Piano Connect, and get your party hat on. It’s time to celebrate! Yes, times are tough, but Forrest would want us to gather and have fun, regardless. Stay close to your piano so you can try out all of the Happy Birthday ideas in real-time!

Looking forward to celebrating with you soon!
And many moooore….

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