Look Inside

These videos offer an informative sneak peek into each book.  Soak in the sounds while viewing sample pages.

Primer Level- Very first year of lessons

Get students exploring all of the wonderful piano sounds while learning technique and solid foundational skills.

Primer Level Table of Contents

Advanced Primer Level- First 2 years

Students are imaginative, as they create their own titles, drawings and interpretations of these delightful rote pieces.


Volume 1- Beginner- 1 to 2 years of lessons

These delightful pieces are wonderful after the student can play legato.  Stay tuned for the upcoming teacher duet book to add more creativity and improvisation to lessons!


Volume 2- Early Intermediate- 2+ years of lessons

These are highly patterned, therefore easy to learn. At this point, students are usually able to learn the pieces very quickly by notation.


Under a Flamenco Sky- Early Advanced 3 Movement Suite

Best of Little Gems for Piano- 9 Pieces for All Levels

Table of Contents
Thunder Showers (Primer Level)_____________________1-2
Reflections (Primer Level)______________________________3-4
Big Mystery (Advanced Primer Level)____________________5
Melting Snow (Advanced Primer Level)__________________6
Carnival Celebration (Beginner Level, Volume 1)_______7
Retreat (Beginner Level, Volume 1)_______________________8
Homage to Ravel (Early Intermediate, Volume 2)__9-10
Solidago (Early Intermediate, Volume 2)____________11-12
Tango Azul (2nd mvt. Under a Flamenco Sky)_______13-15

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