Welcome to the Little Gems blog- ‘Musical Meditations’.

Here you will find insights about music and life.

Enjoy the spontaneous improvisation videos- Musical Meditations– included at the end of each post. These are recorded with no prior thought or planning and are intended to brighten your day!

Pedaling with a Pencil!?
You can teach a student how to pedal by using a pencil? And you step on the student’s foot? Is
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MTNA Orlando
Heading to the world of Disney! The big national conferences are a huge deal for me in so many ways.
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Inclusion in Music
I believe every person who walks into my studio with the desire to learn piano should be given the tools
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Angels We Have Heard On High…
Do you believe in angels? It’s kind of a fun thought, that people and events are sent to you as
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The struggle I have a confession to make- I struggled with correctly spelling the word ‘Resiliency’ (twice). But, I paused,
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