And the Winner Is…

Hello to you! I feel like it has been ages, don’t you?

Before we announce the winner

With each passing year, I truly feel that time is moving at an exponentially faster rate. Suddenly, my daughters are in middle school and the half-way point of elementary school. We may or may not need babysitters and they can make their own snacks. It’s as if one day you wake up and you’re in a new phase of life. Nothing quite marks the passing of time like parenting.

Another marker of time is my beloved Little Gems for Piano books. Can you believe Volume 1 and Volume 2 have been around for close to 20 years!? We will have to have a big celebration for them. What an honor to create something that has longevity! The best selling Primer Level just turned five. The Creative Primer had its three year birthday in March. And the world just keeps turning.

And somehow, my other musical baby, my Central Star album and book, will be two this fall! My students ages 12 and up have really adored learning this music. Central Star is one of my proudest accomplishments. Why? Because it offers people a respite and a way of healing. I often get messages like this (from a dear woman Lesley who lost her husband to ALS):

Listening to your beautiful music right now after a blissful day of much-needed rain. Thank you for the healing and the deep beauty.

What a gift to receive these words and to offer people comfort.

This winter, I played some Moonlight Ski Concerts where the audience can walk or ski a candlelit trail while listening to my concert through wireless headphones. This is one of my favorite pictures. Look at his face!

Happy audience members

Happy performer

The closer of my Ski Concerts is my piece Starlight. I love to play it as written and then improvise on it. A man came up to me after the concert and said he was turning around outside, gazing up at the beautiful star-filled night sky, while listening to Starlight and it brought him to tears.

These wins are the real wins in life. Those small moments that are so meaningful and forever imprinted in your mind. The times that you made a difference and changed someone’s inner state of being, even for a moment. Or hearing Lesley say “Your music is healing me, note by note.”

And the winner is…

Another type of win is being nominated for awards! I was surprised and delighted to hear that the Central Star album was nominated for Best Modern Album of the Year on Solo Piano. I am a Solo Piano artist and could not have been happier to have some recognition and validation of the album. I did not end up winning, but truly, being nominated was enough! The true win is having someone look up at the stars while listening to Starlight and feel bliss for a moment in time.

A different kind of win

Another big win I had was arranging the music for Kevin Jenkin’s fabulous new ballet Try to Remember. It was such an honor for me to arrange this beautiful music created by Kevin’s sister and mother. It is a breathtaking production. Not only is Kevin an incredible choreographer, he is also brilliant at filming! He’s always blowing my mind in one way or another. Grab your streaming tickets and watch Try to Remember and Still Waters featuring my music from Central Star and watch from the comfort of your couch until May 15!

I am super excited to have this film shown at a very cool art house theater in Bend called the Tin Pan Theater in June. I’m also going to perform as part of the showing.

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing this Summer

With all of the ski concerts, parenting obligations, ballet composing, events (I didn’t even mention my upcoming Labyrinth Concert with a harpist and visual artist! or the Shadow Puppet Making Workshop I’m coordinating!) and wrapping up the Piano Flow 8 Month Intensive where we gather weekly and learn how to improvise and create, I’m starting to think about summer and beyond!

Last summer, I held an amazing 6 week intensive where we learned how to improvise in Flamenco and Latin styles. We had an absolute blast.

My wheels are turning for June offerings including:

  • A 6 Week Piano Flow Intensive that meets once or twice a week in June and the first part of July. We would focus on improvising in the style of simple Solo Piano Film Music such as Yann Tiersenn from Amelie and Einaudi.  Take a listen. Gorgeous!!
  • I’m also considering a one month Rhythmic Flow program that has free flowing improvisation, with a heavy emphasis on rhythm- conducting, “ta-ing” rhythms, polyrhythms, syncopations, improvising in specific rhythmic patterns, rhythmic dictation, creating rhythms, etc. If those terms make you feel nervous, you might really benefit! 🙂
  • If I offer the 8 month Piano Flow Intensive for 2022-2023, would you be interested in joining us this fall?

I am in the research phase of finding out who is interested. If you would like to join our warm, supportive and fun community for any or all of these ideas, please respond with I’m Interested! in the email header and let me know which ideas resonate. I respond to all emails and I love hearing from you.

Stay tuned. I might offer a free training in the next few days. You just never know what’s around the corner with me.

Maybe it’s a new album.

Maybe it’s a Moonlight Ski Concert or a Labyrinth Concert (a what!?).

Maybe it’s a free training or a new online program.

Or a new book.

I like to keep it flowing in the creativity department. One of my true joys is helping you find your creative spark! Can’t wait to hear from you.

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